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Become what you want...

By Eri Anton


I have always wanted to share perspective around relationships as I get asked so much about them. Questions like:

What type of guy do you like or look for?

As a guy what could I do that would make you want to go out with me?

Why don't you give more guys chances to see if they are someone you would be interested in?

And the list goes on, so here is the answer. The truth is I don't look for anything at all. I don't waste one minute thinking all the thoughts about the other sex I could ponder. Instead I actually spend time on myself being the person I want to be, that is my priority. Working to be the best version of myself I can be and someone I am happy with. I focus on learning and growing myself in all aspects of my life. It is my expectation that i will attract the people that belong in my life and for those who don't value the same things I would hopefully tend to repel those people. It is not about being open to giving chances, it is about people who have worked on themselves to where they offer a deeper more meaningful perspective on life and especially around value and quality of life and happiness. If you have not worked on being the best version of yourself and jump from relationship to relationship looking for the right person then you are the problem. Start really working on yourself so you can attract what belongs to you verse chasing what you want. Relationships are the center point of all we do whether friendships, business relationships or something more serious.

I don't give chances per se, however anyone who gets my time, a casual hello, a talk at the gym or even time together as friends is a time to connect on things of value for me. It may be persepctive on life, dreams or desires, shared experiences are all something that create connection. Depth of connection for me creates desire for more time and that can lead many different places. A guy who makes me desire to spend more time with him is someone who will spark my interest. I'm not interested in stuff such as dinners, gifts, trips and all the superficial things guys lead with.

I believe if we want to find true meaningful commitment, we will attract what we are and what we allow into our lives. If you wonder why you only meet bad people look at yourself. For one reason or another, you fail to see certain things and allow people into your life who don't deserve to be there resulting in a bad experience.

When you work on yourself and know who you are it makes a big difference. You will immediately feel anything unauthentic in others and they will have a hard time connecting with you. The ones who are authentic and have shared values will find it easier to connect and form bonds. So for me when I feel the connection through casual conversation it will inspire me to want more time and from there who knows where things may go. To a deeper place of mutual connection or to another level of friendship. Either way I don't force anything to happen or search for anything. It will just happen naturally and what is meant for me will find me and I am happy with that.