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Dealing with Life's Challenges

By Eri Anton


Life isn’t fair and it seems we all have certain challenges in life. For some they are born with disabilities, for others it is health issues, while others have their life situations change in a minute. Like when military people who go off to a foreign country only to return dead or facing physical or mental affliction as a result of their sacrifice. We all face other challenges like COVID-19, death of loved ones and the everyday struggle and challenges of just trying to survive in life.

Life can be so overwhelming and unfair at times and it would be so easy to pack up and give in to the many challenges we all face, but we can’t. The truth is there has to be purpose in all we face, it is not meant to destroy us, but for us to rise above it and conquer it. Life is best lived with people around you to share your experiences and to encourage us to get through it. We may not be able to do exactly what we want in every situation, but we can learn from it, grow and find the greater good.

For the person with disabilities, you find people who have not let their disability become a disability. They accomplish more with a disability than many with no disabilities do. They have found a way to thrive in their given situation. Some of the most loving and joyful people you will ever meet have downs syndrome. My mum has diabetes so her struggle has been personal to me. My love for her and having to watch her face this challenge made me educate myself on the decease and help her with diet and exercise to help get it under control.

When we are faced with these challenges they change us. We have to learn to deal with a whole new set of circumstances that not everyone else has to. We fear to be seen different or less than others and the experience we face can make us hard and bitter if we let it. So you are probably asking yourself why write about something so sad and depressing? I write about it because it is real and we need to learn how to deal with the most difficult things in life in the most positive way. We all have the power to make a difference and how we choose to see things.

I have written a past blog about judging, because too many people are quick to judge, but today I write about making a difference. Being the change in the world we want to see. The fact is we can’t change everyone, but we can change ourselves. Our outlook on life, our attitude, our dealings with people and we can be the best version of ourselves we can be.

Find the positive in every situation and use it to learn, grow and conquer it. When I say conquer there are many afflictions that won't just go away so learn to live with it in victory, not in defeat. Make the most of all your situations and be a positive light and energy to those around you. I have my own set of challenges and can get down and depressed about them as anyone else can. We all need to remind ourselves no matter how hard things get there is always hope. If you look hard enough you will find the good in the situation.

So how should this affect our behavior? Live a life of gratitude and empathy towards the struggles of others. Be a person who shines their light on another who is facing adversity and challenges. Seek to find the good in every situation. It doesn’t mean there isn’t bad and we turn away from reality, but we have to use all of life’s challenges to grow and learn and be better in the most positive and productive way possible. Remember that if life makes you hard and bitter when you face challenges and hardship it will break you. When you are open minded and flexible to learn from the challenges you endure you allow yourself to be changed and even transformed into the best version of yourself you can be from them. Bend, but don't break. The growth you achieve from your challenges will become your strength.

 “Those who have endured some misfortune will always be set apart, but it is that misfortune which is their gift and their strength”.

 Cormac McCarthy