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Don't take people for granted...

By Eri Anton


Are you grateful for that special person in life that you have or had? Seriously, I mean it are you really grateful for that someone of value you have in your life? If you are how do you show the value you place on them or do you take them for granted? Maybe you haven’t thought about it for a while. Maybe you haven't thought about it at all, but what if that person was removed from your life in an instant. Do you really know the loss you would feel? So did you ever fail to appreciate someone you care about? Was that because you were too busy focusing on yourself, making sure you were happy, putting out relationship fires or focusing on other things? Or perhaps you assumed they’d just hang around forever.

The problem is, when you take people for granted, you put them in and the relationship jeopardy. It’s not enough to make up for neglect after they’ve slipped away. It’s important to be grateful every day for the wonderful things in your life. Think of this blog as a wake-up call.

What Do You Take for Granted with your partner? There are so many things to value in a relationship so here are a few to take notice of.

Choices - We all make choices and being together is a choice. People can make other choices and if the person is not growing in the relationship or feeling dragged down they will make choices to leave. Choose to make decisions that create positive outcomes and make it an active part of your relationship. Relationships need to grow. Everything is a choice. Place value on people who know how to make good choices because the choices you make will define you.

Loyalty - People remain faithful to us through good times and bad. When was the last time you showed your appreciation? Told someone how much you value their loyalty to you. That they show you love not based on your circumstances, but based on your character and who they know you to be. Most people are not that loyal so if you have it your relationship, appreciate it!

Friends - We all need to have something more emotionally speaking and although we all want a lover what will really want is the intimacy of a best friend. The ability to share anything and everything without fear of being judged and having that is a huge privilege. If we have someone who allows us that freedom to share our selves completely understand the value of that privilege to share and not be judged. This creates the basis of a trusting and growing relationship. When you can open up with your best friend and share not pretending to be someone else you create the best relationship scenario.

Health. We don’t appreciate good health until we feel lousy. When we get better, we take our health for granted again. (So much for learning from our mistakes.). A healthy body and mind are a good start for a healthy relationship and if you both share this ideal keep it going and value it. Value a partner who understands the importance of staying fit. If your partner loves to take care of themselves (even if a little excessive) appreciate they take care of themselves so well.

Freedom. If your partner gives you the freedom to be yourself and doesn't seek to control you. If he/she in not jealous or insecure of you and allows you the freedom to shine realizes how precious that is. No one wants to be controlled in a relationship and having freedom is valuable. When you can be yourself fully it allows you to become the best version of yourself with no pressure to conform to relationship standards. We all enjoy having the freedom to do whatever we want and with great freedom comes great responsibility. Appreciate it!

Love of your life. Your partner may be the most important person in your life. Do you take his or her love for granted? Having someone who loves you and is committed to you is a wonderful feeling. Acknowledge it with your partner and let them know how much their love means to you. Many people show their love in different ways but it is always helpful to show your love in as many ways possible such as in words, in actions and in behavior. When you have someone who loves you unconditionally you truly have something very special. Place high value in that kind of enduring love.

Trust. Your faith in those who are close to you enables you to share your deepest secrets with them. Do you realize how special that trust is? Trust is the basis of a relationship and when you realize that you can build or destroy trust you place greater value on its importance. When trust is gone so is the relationship. Having built a relationship Wirth a high degree of trust builds a healthy foundation for each person to be themselves and for the relationship to flourish.

Security - If you are financially secure and your partner provides for your safety and security not only physically but emotionally as well, realize what a great thing that is. Being secure in the love of your partner and knowing they will never leave or forsake you and will always be there to put your needs first is a blessing only few ever get to experience. Be thankful that you don’t live your life in fear off losing something or that even with all your efforts they may get tired and leave you. Security for a woman is one of the most important things she can have from her man.

Life -  Every day is a gift. Life is precious and every second matters. Don't take time or life for granted and don't live with any regrets. If you have done wrong make it right! Apologize and seek peace. You cant relive your life so make the first time count.

Appreciate What You Have Before It Becomes What You Had

One day we should take a moment and listen to ourselves. We complain about not having enough while we lose sight of the wonderful things that we have. That happens because we get restless, things become too routine, or perhaps because we enjoy the hunt for something new.

The problem is, when we take stuff for granted, things eventually go south . . . the relationship goes bad and your partner seeks attention from others and the relationship comes to an end. And, of course — then we react with panic. As the saying goes, “People say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Truth is, you knew exactly what you had . . . you just never thought you’d lose it.”

So . . . think how you’d react if those things “walked” out of your life. Why wait for that to happen? If you’d care a lot if you lost them, find the time to show appreciation for them today. As the saying goes, “You should appreciate what you have before it becomes what you had.”

Don't lose what you always wanted because you failed to place high enough value in what you already had. When we learn to place value on the people and things moist important in our life we begin to live a different life. If it provides value take care of it, it it doesn't provide value cut it out of your life.