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Personal Growth and Self Development

By Eri Anton


I have always known the importance of growth and development, but it wasn't until recently I realized how important it really is to a healthy productive mindset. I like most people enjoy learning new things, meeting people and having new experiences however, it has happened kind of naturally and on its own. What I mean to say it has not been as strategic as it should.

I'm sure you are thinking to yourself what is she talking about, lol. I mean it is possible to grow and develop yourself in so many different ways and for many of us this is a life long process. However personal growth and development is best when it is strategic and calculated. What I am really saying by this is I need to focus not on areas of interest that may be fun but in areas of need that will make me better. Yes we call it pushing boundaries in some cases but what I mean is doing what we don't like to do and don't want to do so it forces us to adapt and grow as we never really would.

Growth comes many different ways and I will never discourage people from growing and learning new things or having new experiences but real growth comes from opening up areas you are insecure about, fearful of, things you know you are not good at, things you might get judged for doing or being. When you open the areas of your life that have you learning from fear and going after things that will open your eyes to a whole new persepctive you begin to see and experience a whole new world. Sounds a little corny like the Disney movie Aladdin, but a whole new world awaits with a new perspective on life.

I encourage you to reflect on the things in life that you want and feel are not achievable and begin to develop relationships with others who may know more about a subject or topic you want to learn about. People who can share life experiences, successes and failures and help you to grow. Life is only limited by your perspective and by changing it your personal growth and self development will flourish.

Here are some action items I like to do for personal growth and development:

1. Get feedback from my close friends and family on what my weaknesses are and then I like to study and learn about the topic and see how to understand why I act a certain way and how to improve. That in some cases leads me to writing my blogs!

2. Pick an area in life I am fearful of and then try to address that fear head on. I don't want fear to hold me back. That is one reason for my annual sky-diving event. I am scared to death to jump out of planes lol.

3. Find a personal mentor in life who can help you as you grow. Every year we change our perspective on life and it is best to have a person or persons who can help share life perspective and help you with personal goals of growth and development as we age. I like talking to older people because there is always so much to learn from others in life.