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Speaking Truth......

By Eri Anton


It is important to be around people who are uplifting and positive. People that know how to make you learn and grow in a positive manner. Let’s face it failure can be hard, but when you are around people who see failure as a learning tool and a necessity to success, we change our perspective and embrace failure as a key learning tool and not as an event that defines us as a loser.

However much we talk about the importance of positive growth, I want address the negative round blocks we all face from people we may respect and admire. Not all people are good coaches and can offer the right type of feedback. Not all opinions are equal and getting feedback from the wrong people (even good people) who don’t know how to coach and uplift can be damming and destructive.

When we are given feedback it has to come from a loving perspective. Information is given to help a person learn and grow not to tear a person down and feel inferior. Comments made to us in the context of the truth hurt’s is not coming from a person I want to listen to. Truth only flows through the banks of love and any other method is not productive and will lead to other consequences.

People will live up to how they are viewed and if they are viewed as a loser they will become one. The more negative feedback we receive the greater the chances are we fulfill them. Of course there are people motivated by being told they can’t do something and they only want to prove everyone wrong, but all in all not everyone is motivated the same way.

I personally do not want to be associated with anyone who feels the need to tear me down in a destructive manner and who hides their comments under the fact the truth hurts. Let me give you an example…if you see a homeless person and they stink it would be true and honest to go tell them they stink. If they are offended well the truth hurts. Is this how we should all behave? What good comes from stating that obvious truth? Does it make you feel better than that person, because you don’t stink?

If you don’t have the ability to build a person you would see them stinking. But a person who can evaluate and value people would see a person hurting, maybe they haven’t eaten, maybe they need help and the person who meets those needs is uplifting and doing so in a positive manner to build the person.

We should all think long and hard when we offer opinions under the banner of truth. Is this uplifting and will it promote growth? Or is it destructive and damming and will in breed insecurity, low self-worth and a sense of being less than they should be? Words are powerful, opinions are not truth, I challenge everyone to look at people through a different lense and look to build and create value rather than destroy self-worth. People should be valued for wherever they are in life and encouraged not beaten down and judged by someone who can see what they are missing. Nothing good will come from a negative perspective of another human being.

Speaking truth in a loving way is a valued skillset. Truth will promote growth and make us better. However not everyone we have in our lives knows how to speak truth in a positive manner. Learn how to be a person of positive influence who makes those around them better by being truthful in a loving and uplifting way.