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The Value Proposition

By Eri Anton


If everyone would change their perspective on life and change it to one that seeks to add value to others, I think it would change the world for the better. I'm not saying there are not lots of people who add value to others in life, but I feel we have become a society that is focused more on self-fulfillment and don't realize the greatest way to create joy and individual fulfillment is through adding value to others and those around you.

I want to simplify this statement first and apply it to business. In business the name of the game is to increase shareholder value. However that should be expanded to include everyone your organization touches with the primary focus being customers, employees, vendors, etc.

What does add value mean in business?, bottom line is to make more money and improve the value you provide to others specifically your customers. As an investment you can look at your ROI (return on investment) or many other financial indicators. Whether you are making an item or selling a service, you seek to run and operate a world class organization that provides low cost and great quality to your customer base or as I would say a great value proposition compared to others.

When you execute at the highest level in any aspect of business you create a core competency. A core competency is "a defining capability or advantage that distinguishes an enterprise from its competition".

When you align many core competencies together you create a competitive advantage. A competitive advantage is "a condition or circumstance that puts a company in a favorable or superior business position". In business this is the core of excellence and what a well run company seeks to build....but how does this mathematical equation of return on investment apply to people?..... to relationship? life?

The fact is every interaction you have is an opportunity to add value to others. Every smile, postiive encouraging word, every good gesture of truly caring for another is of value. So look at each relationship you have and ask yourself where the value lies? It is there if you look hard enough. A friendship of many years is established with something of value occuring. An investment of time and/or money, enjoying or relaxing with someone, the ability to talk, laugh or even cry with each other provides a degree of value. When value ceases to be generated relationships end or are stagnated.

There is a saying that we cross people's path's for a reason, a season or a lifetime. So how do we know the purpose? We know because lifetime relationships continue to build in value over time. There is no need to make every relationship a lifetime one as only special people in our lives create a long term value proposition. However there is a need to add value in every interaction you have with people. I know that is way easier said than done, but think if you get real good at reading people and meeting needs you become a person of positivity and encouragement and a person who helps others become better in all they do. Sounds great for sure, but the first step is to learn to be your very best in relationships and practicing what you want to become. "BE" what you want to become and then share it in actions not words. When your words and actions match you build trust and trust is the basis and foundation of any good relationship.

When you create in yourself an ideal it becomes a core competency and you become a person of leadership and influence in an effort to use youir skills to help make others better and lead them to find their truth. When you have created a number of core competencies within yourself you can have a competitive relationship advantage by always being in a favorable or superior. position when dealing with people.

When we truly seek to add value of any kind to any person or situation you encounter you will become a person of significance. There is nothing more rewarding than always being the person who seeks to add value to everything they do. The better you become the more you can be a positive influnce to those around you.