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    Welcome to my website and thank you so much for visiting! Inside my site I hope you find the inspiration and hope to live your life to the fullest. This is a labor of love for me and I am so excited to share more about myself, offer advice in the areas I feel most knowledgeable and connect with each of you in a more meaningful way.


    I am so grateful for the many people I have met and who I have shared my story with me via social media over the years. The support and positive comments have kept me going and I am now expanding into a new horizon with my website. I have so much more I want to share with all of you.


    Thank for your support and I hope your experience at my site brings you back many times more. Please allow me the opportunity to stay connected and sign up below to receive frequent updates. If you have any comments or questions I want to know, so please leave your thoughts as I read them all.


    Thank you for joining me on my new journey.


    Love and kisses,



    MY MESSAGE........



    Eri Anton is an avid fitness enthusiast and model and a well-known social media personality. She currently works in the field of medical aesthetics.

    Before her social media fame she did ballet and modern dance as a performer. She rose to social media awareness through her amazing photos and videos on Instagram and with a layout in Low Rider Magazine in 2014 in which she graced the cover! Eri is currently an Elite Athlete for @BangEnergy. Eri has taken her female physique to a level many can only dream of.

    In spite of her success and phenomenal beauty, Eri seeks to use her platform for a heartfelt message for all women. She wants them to focus on acceptance, inspiration and motivation.



    She seeks to encourage women of all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness that they are beautiful and should feel so in their own unique way. The flaws make us what we are and true beauty is not defined by how you look, but by who you are inside. A confident woman who doesn’t live by the judgement of others and accepts and loves herself is beautiful. Eri herself has felt the pressure of society to conform to social standards and has struggled to come to a place of loving and accepting herself no matter how critical others can be.



    She seeks to inspire all women to continually strive for more. To be your very best and don’t limit yourself. If you want something go for it with everything and use the setbacks to help you learn and grow. Do it for you not for others and enjoy the process. It isn’t where you end up it is the journey you take and anything you want to change you have the power to do so. For the things, you can’t change accept them and don’t let them define who you are. Women need to support other women and together we will establish a new standard of beauty.



    She seeks to use her story and struggles as an opportunity to motivate others to greatness. Coming from a background of her own personal struggles, Eri has used her personal set-backs and challenges as ways to learn and grow. This has pushed her to rise to new levels and she will tell you perseverance, determination and a positive outlook in life work wonders.


    She has focused her Instagram on providing a positive outlook for those who are always measuring themselves against others or trying to conform to societal standards. Accepting yourself and learning to laugh and stay focused each day are part of her positive message to those she seeks to influence.


    For those who have never met Eri or only know of her through her photos and videos, she is an amazing woman and is seeking a more intimate connection with those who want to know what makes this beauty tick.

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