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Barriers to Execution….what is your excuse?

By Eri Anton


We all know there are things we should do. Most of us have a list of things we know we should do, but somehow we never get around to it. There is always something there to distract us from doing what we know we should.

The problem is the excuses are not really the reason why we don’t do things. They just allow us to justify our laziness, our fear and our insecurities in a way that we make ourselves feel good not doing what we know we should do.

When you condition yourself to keep pushing forward and learning along the way you begin a life transformation. Life transformation is not about big moments of change it is about the daily decisions made to persevere and to be consistent and not quit. Small steps forward each day add up over time.

I have made a point to do the things I don’t want to do (that I know will make me better) to condition myself to not make excuses. I have made a point to push my boundaries in a way that if there is something I fear I go after it. This had made me realize the things that become obstacles are nothing more than a roadblock I put up in my mind that holds me back. Once you can get past your mental roadblocks you open up a whole new world of possibilities.

What is your excuse? What is holding you back? When you can get past your excuses you can begin to live the life you were made for.