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Before you judge others....

by Eri Anton


Before you judge others.....

Too many people feel the need to judge others and being critical of others is not a good habit.

We all seek to have a happy and fulfilling life and everyone deserves the right to pursue their own happiness, in their own way.  

Many people will pursue a path of happiness and find it doesn’t make them happy anymore and must then face making big changes in their life’s that many people will not fully understand.

What makes one person happy may not make another happy, so imposing your rules for happiness on another is unfair even if it is a person you love and care about.  

We all have our own struggles and our own individual failures become the basis for our learning.  If you feel you are making the right decision for yourself should others really be free to pass judgment on you?

I have been judged and have always felt bad when people who don’t know me somehow feel the right to have an opinion without taking the time to get to know me or my situation.

I have learned that this has nothing to do with me and says a lot about the type of person they are. When a person puts time and energy into judging others and constantly assuming others faults, they are at a very unhealthy place. These people find it easier to try and make others feel bad in an effort to make themselves look good.  What they should do is look in the mirror and recognize their own weaknesses and work on it.  In the end they really envy you.

Always be forgiving of people who judge you and don’t ever lower yourself to their level.  Always work on bettering yourself and being the bigger person no matter how bad others may judge you.

I am very happy with the person I have become as I have grown through my failures and the decisions I have made. I know I will always be a work in progress, but I know my decisions each day will define the future and the person I am meant to be.