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Relationship Insecurities

By Eri Anton


Why do relationships fail? One of many reasons is we develop and bring insecurities into the relationship and then develop a whole set of rules the other person needs to follow to help us feel secure.

Fuck that! Who wants to feel like they are in jail? This chokes the life out of the relationship and feelings will begin to die. The truth is we all have insecurities, but how do we deal with them in a better way?

First you need to understand is what are you looking for? For good or great?

I don’t want a relationship…..

They hold you back

I want a best friend I can sleep with.

Make love to, travel with, shop with, hang with, live with.

I want a partner in crime, a life partner.

Someone I can laugh with and build with.

Someone I can trust with my heart, my money, my life.

Someone I’m not afraid to lose because I know they will always be there.

Relationships just aren’t for me, but a partnership Ill take that.

If having a relationship like this means the world to you, what would you be prepared to do to have it?

“Go and love someone exactly as they are. And watch how quickly they transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves. When one feels seen and appreciated in their own essence they are instantly empowered”

You have learn to love at a depth that allows the other person to be the best version of themselves they can be. Seek to respect the other and make them feel fully secure in your love.

Seek to understand them before seeking to be understood yourself. Put their needs first and when both partners do this the greatest form of love and commitment can be shared together.