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Healthy Skin Routine

by Eri Anton


I am asked on a regular basis what I do for my skin.  Many people think I am using the most expensive skin care products available to keep my skin youthful looking and so healthy.    I wish I could share a list of super secrets to having healthy skin, however that isn’t the case.  I have to thank my mum who gave me genetically great skin tone.   I have from my younger years always taken the time to keep my skin clean and moisturized with very simple methods.   Just like everything consistency is the key, so I do these steps on a regular basis to keep my skin rejuvenated and fresh looking.  

First I start with a facial scrub.   It is important to choose the right ingredients because the purpose of the facial scrub is to exfoliate the skin and to nourish the skin.   For my facial scrub recipe below I prefer to use a sugar scrub and like using a brown sugar since my skin tone is darker.   The oatmeal keeps the mask from being too harsh on my skin and thus is a gentle exfoliation process.    I prefer jojoba oil because of its effectiveness against acne and blemishes and it is an extremely good moisturizer as well.  Jojoba oil most closely resembles your skins own sebum. Sebum is the oil secreted from the skin naturally through the sebaceous glands under the skin.

Below is the recipe I use for my facial scrub:

Eri’s Natural Facial Scrub

½ cup oatmeal

1 tbs. brown sugar

½ tsp. raw honey

1 tbs. jojoba oil

Grind oatmeal and sugar together and then add honey and oil

I will apply in circular motion over my entire face and neck and will spend 2-3 minutes gently massaging the scrub on my face.   I will wash off immediately with a cool water to keep pores tight and closed.

After my facial scrub I will use one of two different facial masks, both which I make myself.   The simple mask is my daily routine and leaves my skin clean and fresh.    The nourishing mask I use when my skin is getting dry, damaged from the sun or wind and helps to bring back the glow to my skin

Eri’s Simple Facial Mask

1 egg white

2 tsp lemon juice

½ tbs. honey

The simple face mask egg white protein will firm the skin, shrinks the pores and tightens skin overall.

Eri’s Nourishing Facial Mask

1 egg yolk

1 banana mashed

2 tsp coconut oil

The nourishing face mask helps to moisturizes the skin and deliver collagen and other nutrients to the pores.  

Each mask is mixed and applied over the entire face and neck and left on for 7-10 minutes before washing off with cold water.   Cold water keeps the skin tight and pores closed which is important.

I will use witch hazel to cleanse my face immediately after the facial mask and I will usually then be ready for bed.   

I have two moisturizers I like to use on a regular basis and each is used for specific reasons.    My general moisturizer of choice is coconut oil and I use it for everything. According to a 2018 study coconut oil was found to rich in antibacterial, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties as well as an overall great moisturizer as it absorbs at a very high rate into the skin.

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I will also use CBD oil to prevent puffiness around the eyes or other areas that are swollen.   In my case I have seen a reduction in swelling and puffiness although your results may vary.   My preference is IgniteCBD oil -