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Eri's Booty Basics!

How to get that booty in shape

by Eri Anton


Realize nothing makes a booty look nicer than a small waistline!

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Girls, I always like to focus on the mid-section first before focusing on the booty. Nothing makes the booty look better than a small waist so although I am not covering waistline and diet in this blog don't underestimate the importance of the waistline to really show off your booty! It all starts with great genes and I don't mean jeans. Everyones body is different and I was fortunate enough to have great genes from my mum.

if you don't have a big butt don't worry! I will show you how you can get the perfect booty in a few simple steps. I didn't have the perfect booty so I had to work hard to shape and grow my booty with some favorite exercises. Remember to have fun with the exercises and all women come in different shapes and sizes and most important is to shape your body based on what you can do and learn to accept we all cant look the same. Own it and have fun with whatever booty you have!

Bigger isn't always better.

If you think getting a bigger booty is the trick, it's actually not. The focus should be to shape and firm your booty. You need to sculpt your booty with the right exercises and eat right to get the right shape which works with your body. You will hear me say this over and over as I want women to accept themselves with the genetics they have and just do the best you can to look your best. Guys like booty in all shapes and sizes so take what you got and rock it!

1. Start with squats, and do it low

Squats is one of my favorite exercises and I perform them with barbells, dumbbells, smith machine or any combination that lets me squat low and really feel the burn all through my glutes (booty). I will focus using heavier weights at times and doing 8-10 reps and then will switch up and do lighter weights with repetitions in the 12-15 rep range. Mixing it up stimulates different muscle fibers such a slow and fast twitching which help stimulate growth.

2. Cable Leg Lifts

Using ankle straps to connect to a cable or with workout bands I like to do leg lifts behind lifting my leg up to my waist. This keeps a focus on the booty and hips and if you lift your leg at different angles you can feel it more in the hips, inner or outer glutes. A tip for beginners is the amount of weight doesn't matter, focus on form and go for repetitions. Feel it burn and don't stop! If you want a booty of fire know that when the burn starts its time to start with counting your reps.   

3. Cardio + Jump Squats

I love doing cardio and always want to work in variations of other exercises into my cardio. I like to do jump squats on the stair master and I usually get a great burn with these. Start off slow and work your way up. If your legs tire sooner you can just do the stair master and rotate to jumps as you feel up to it. There are many variations you can create on the cardio equipment to focus on the booty so be creative and walk sideways on the treadmill or anything that targets the booty and makes you have fun. I like to work hard but if I cant have fun doing it I will lose interest. So experiment and have fun.

4. Booty Video Extras

​Here are a couple video extra exercises for this of you who are hardcore and just didn't get enough with the exercises above. These videos are for more advanced booty trainers so have fun!

After all the booty training its time to show all your hard work off! See you at the beach! Eri XOXO

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