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Living Superficially.....

By Eri Anton


I have written about this subject in a number of blogs, but never really said it head on like it needs to be said.    Recently I was talking with a good friend who is struggling with life.  It became very apparent to me and through other conversations I have had how many people fill their lives with superficial stuff.  When I say superficial I mean things that add no value to your life or even detract from your life.   

This could be people who are negative and draining and do nothing but suck life from you or behaviors that are destructive and don't make you better.    The more bad experiences we have in life it seems the more we look to superficial things to numb the pain and make us feel better for a short time until we need to indulge in the same destructiver behavior again to numb ourselves and the cycle repeats itself until we are in a death spiral to nothingness.

We have to accept that life sucks sometimes.  Life is not fair and everything we experience in life will either make us better or destroy us.   To overcome this destructive pattern I recommend a few things that have worked for me in dealing with set backs in my life.

1.  Everything has a season and things will pass.

2. Eliminate people and things from my life that bring no value and are destructive.   

3. Find healthy ways to deal with lifes issues.  (find a mentor or life coach, use exercise. learn new things or find new personal goals to focus yuour attention on)

4. Each issue you face stay positive and find what key things you can learn from the situation.   There is always a lesson to be learned.

5. Stay positve always and be grateful for whatever you have.   Things could always be worse.  

6. Don't focus on the past, learn to let go and focus on the future.  You cant change the past so dont let the past rob you of a great future.

If we live life with a positive attitude and become the best we can be we will attract the same.   Soon you will find the people you use to hang around with are still doing the same things and you wan t so much more.  Cut the ties, spread your wings and soar to new heights.