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Making a Living Statement...

By Eri Anton


There was a business book I read awhile ago and it was about Mission and Vision statements for businesses. It was called "Say it and Live it". The over riding message was to fully be what you want now and you will become what you want to be by practicing the behaviors that you need to have. As a business I see that to be so true but I see the same for each of us.

When we speak our desire to become into the existence of what we want that it is manifested in our behavior and as we begin to live as we want to become we are transformed. Should I say that again? lol. When we live as if we are what we want to be we will be transformed to the truest version of what we want. Behavior always proceeds results. When you first start to train with weights it is hard. The movements are not fluid, you tire easily and its hard to get motivated to go everyday. After you stay consistent for a period of time you begin to have more energy and stamina and you enjoy how it makes you feel. You become addicted to your new state of being.

But you had to behave a certain way first over time before you became what you want to achieve. Behavior always preceeds results so how we behave is important so how must one behave? We need to make a conscious effort to decide how we want to live our lives and then live it. What is important to us and what do we want to become over time? When you know what you want it is the first step towards knowing how to behave so you can become what you want.

When you want something bad enough that it consumes you to the point you become the very essence of it you will undoubtedly succeed and succeed big. No excuses, no roadblocks just live like you really mean it.