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Making the Commitment...

By Eri Anton


I have wanted to write about commitment for a long time now.  The problem has been trying to write a blog that won’t sound so cliché and will actually help people.  The problem is my generation likes immediate gratification and if something doesn’t work we can be quick to just stop and move on without putting in the efforts needed. 

Those who know me well will say I use the term making efforts a lot (lol) and I do. Making efforts to me is a sign of the value you place in something.  The more effort you make the more value you show in what you are working for. 

I am not an advocate for anyone to make efforts for anything they don’t really want but if you do want something and something great it will require great efforts.  Whether it is working out or a relationship your efforts are based directly on the level of commitment you make.  If you are married your efforts are much higher because of the commitment.  If you are not married your efforts do not have to be at the same level, but they should reflect the value you place in something. 

I feel that many people have failed to see the value in the process of making a commitment.  If your commitment is to lose weight and get into great shape or even to compete in a contest your greatest reward doesn’t come from the final destination of achieving your goal, but what you learn and gain in the process.  The process breeds in your determination and commitment as each day can be tough, the perseverance to keep going, the hunger to reach your goal and ultimately the accomplishment of achieving realizing you can do it again.  That mindset gives you confidence, self-respect and willpower to persevere because you know you can do it. 

It is unfortunate, but quitting can become a habit.  Once you don’t like something and it gets hard and you quit it just keeps getting easier and easier to quit.  You will quit the gym, quit your marriage, quit your friends, quit everything that is hard even if it is worth the effort to maintain and grow. 

Commitment is not for certain things in life it is how you live your life.  You live by values and those values are your character when you live by them.  Commitment is a serious thing and you have the power to honor your words and commitments when things get tough otherwise don’t make the commitment.  In life your success will be in direct proportion to your commitments.  People who are highly commitment will find a way to achieve their goals.