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Net Positive or Net Negative?

By Eri Anton


We all want good people in our life who doesn't. But what actually is a good person in your life look like and how would you know? Is it a good friend who has been around for years? A person you love to be around who is always ready for a good time? or maybe a person you get advice from? Maybe all three could be good people or maybe not.

A good person is someone who brings more value or positive into your life than they do negative. So if we were to look at all the interaction we had with someone over a years time and added all the positives and all the negatives together do we have a net positive or net negative arrangement?

Net positive people bring a wealth of value and positivity into your life. They help you through problems by helping you to see a different perspective. They help you make decisions, not tell you what to do. These people represent a small portion of your overall life friends and you find them valuable on most any situation requiring wisdom. They help you learned grow and introduce to others in their circle of influence who do the same.

Net negative people may seem good on the outside, but your dealing with them drain you of energy and resources. They tend to be a bad influence and push you to lower your standards or accept their life perspective as reality. In the end they do not bring much positive value into your life. They may be fun or nice but they bring little real value or help in your personal growth.

Even good people who bring value in your life can bring more negative than positive and therefore be a drain on you. So do we cut people who are net negative out of our lives and just keep positive people who bring value? That could be a possibility, but I suggest managing relationships better. We all need many people in our life for many different aspects of interaction which is healthy.

What is important is limiting these interactions around the things that create the most value in your life. For example we all like to enjoy a good time and maybe there is a friend who is always fun to be around. They are great to be with when you are looking for a good time, but not the best to be around when you have issues to deal with so limit your interaction with them around times that make sense. Assuming this friend does not have fun in ways that are damaging or demoralizing lol.

There are other people in our life who we want more involvement and interaction with. These people will help us along the way of personal, professional, emotional and financial growth. They help us to be better and by just being in their presence you learn and grow.

I am sure your parents always were concerned with who you would hang around with. It is because you become just like the people you hang around with. If you hang around a group of friends with no morals and values in life and who are just looking for a good time it is more likely you will be influenced to be more like them than they will change to be more like you. That is why assessing all the people in your life and understanding the role they play in making you better or worse in your life and life decisions is critical for your personal growth.

If you can continually assess the value of all your relationships you will become better in leveraging your relationships for the purpose of creating a healthier and more valuable interactions. I am not suggesting you get rid of all your friends, but limit your time around activities that create no value for you and do not get you closer to your goals. Maximize time with those who are a positive influence in your life and push you towards your goals and to reach your full potential.

So are the people you interact daily with providing a net positive or net negative equation in your life? Maybe it's time to meet some new people and broaden your base of people who can or could provide more positive influence in your life. You have heard it said it his not what you know but who you know. Good people are hard to come by and can make a huge difference in your life when you align your life goals with people who have the power and ability to help you.