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Personal Growth and Balance

By Eri Anton


We all seek to be successful and over time find our passion and work hard to to be our best.   For many that one path of focus consumes us and we put all our time and energy into it to be our very best.

When we focus so much time on one thing we may become good, but we lose balance and find lower returns on our efforts as we become consumed.   I have had to find balance and focus as I strive to be my best.    I want everything and I want it now lol.   I have had to learn to appreciate the process and to get better defining my goals and objectives and taking steps daily to bringing me closer to what I want out of life.

To me I seek to be mentally and physically strong and financially secure.   I know that having this requires a lot of me and takes sacrifices on the short term to realize long term value in my life.   It has forced me to make decisions that i would not have to normally make such as where do I invest my time and money and how much?  What offers me the greatest return on my investment.

I find myself challenged for time as I have put physcial fitness and health as one of my priorities which requires a lot of time and effort,  I have emotional and mental health as a priority which has had me analyze my behavior, fears, failures and desires in life and seek to learn, understand and grow to be emotionally intelligent and wise.   My last area of focus has been financial freedom as I want to be independent in all aspects of my life and this has had me save and invest in very specifc investments that would be long term and have a good return for me if i managed them correctly.   

I want so much, but I only have so much time so I have had to not worry about saying yes to things I have had to say no to more things.   If it doesn't bring value and help me in areas of my life I seek to grow and get better I have to remove it or minize its impact in my life.  I had learned how superficial behavior can waste so much time and distract you from things in your life that would create real value.

I know it has been hard to manage time as I have many 16 hour days and you will find me working on weekends and evenings when others are out having fun, but I have my fun different ways now.   I trade partying for travel.  I trade superficial realtionships for partnerships and I know where my strengths lay and how to get the most of them.   I find time to break down my walls that hold me back and have pushed my boundaries as they should be pushed to grow.   As you can see from my photo above I push boundaries, but with class. 

When I set goals and began to focus removing things from my life that were holding me back I saw great progress.   I am physcially at the best i have been and getting better,  I have no debt and my business ventures are doing well and i have become more emotionally aware and intelligent about understanding my emotions and learning to control and understand how I feel better than i ever have.

I am proud of the person I am becoming and am even more proud that as I have grown and challenged myself I have never compromised my values.   I want to get as much out of life as i can and encourage everyone to do the same.