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Love, Life and Values....

By Eri Anton


What has happened to this generation?   Or maybe I should say what has been happening to each generation that has created such a loss of values and persepctive in life?

We have become a generation that feels too much and doesn't think.   We base our decisions on how it makes us feel rather than from a set of values.   Call me old fashioned if you want, but I have seen the impact in the lives of people when your decision process is based solely on how it makes you feel.

We have traded hook-ups for relationships.   I hear people say too many people get divorced so relationships are bad.  They trade deep meaningful connections for superficial connections that they can dispose of anytime when things are not fun anymore.  We have become a disposable generation that would rather dispose of and walk away from things that cause us pain than to learn and grow and invest in the things that could provide the greatest value in our lives.

When we walk away from things that cause pain we never grow.   We keep finding new ways to isolate ourselves from pain until we become isolated and lonely.   This generation has more depression and anxiety than ever before yet we have so much interaction so how can that be?   It is because the interaction is superficial and meaningless and not deep and valuable.

We all want love so why are we not prepared to sacrifice and align ourselves with people who make us better?   Why can't we find happiness in deep connections?   Do we not have the desire to persevere and work through issues knowing we can create something special?

We want easy, we want simple, we want no drama and when we seek after the life of no effort we get what we want which ultimately means nothing.   If you give nothing or give limited you get what you get out of life.   It is when you go all in and are not only willing to sacrifice, but change that you find yourself building and creating things of great value.  This doesnt pertain to just relationships but health and fitness, business or anything that requires time to build.

Relationships don't end in divorce because marriage is bad.   They end because people get complacent, they see the marriage relationship as the end goal and not something that needs continued work to build upon and that is sad.    When relationships are not grown they die which happens to so many people so it is not a surprise there are so many divorces.   Statistics will show 80% come from women who are usually much more aware of the emotional state of the relationship than the men.

So what is the value of todays hook ups?    Nothing, besides a big does of adrenaline and oxytocin that make you feel good but it doesn't do much good at all.    It devalues a very sacred connection you want to save for the special person.   If that gift is given away to anyone what value can you bring to that special person in your life?   You can't bring anything of value and then we expect people to respect us and place value in us when we don't value ourselves?   Crazy how the world thinks, but if me placing high value in myself and respecting myself leads to me being different, I am alright with that.   I do not believe that you need to be in a committed relationship to have sex and sometimes people want to enjoy sex without a relationship but when it is abused like anything it creates bigger issues.   

I don't follow what others say or do just because everyone does it.   I don't allow my mind to be poisoned by bad reasoning to justify superficial stupidity.  Instead I focus on building value by following life principles that i know are proven.  So when I love, I love hard, when I work, I work hard and when I commit myself to anything I go all in.   If I can't commit all in I won't spend too much of my time in places that yield no true value in life.  Life is short and i don't need to experience every new thing to know if it is for me or not.   

When you are focused on what you want in life it is easier to stay on track.  however when you don't stand for something............... you will fall for anything.