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The Empowerment Edge

By Eri Anton


 I am always making it a point to let women know that they can be empowered to do anything they want to do.   So what does that mean you ask?    It means anyone who helps paint a negative picture in the mind of a woman suggesting she can't do something or she should only do certain things handicaps her thinking to believe certain things are not achievable by a woman.

I am here to let all my women friends know that empowerment doesn't have to be something someone else does for you (although we all like encouragement and support) but it is us as women knowing we can do anything we put our minds to and having the self confidence to pursue after what we want.   Sometimes our biggest obstacle is not others, but ourselves.    We feel for whatever reason when certain things are outside our control that we can't succeed so we allow ourselves to become victims of our circumstances not victors.

Women also do not have the same support network and resources many guys do so we must realize that success breeds success and when we win it becomes contagious.   You develop an attitude of  "can do" and that can be very empowering when you know you can do something.   There are many areas of life in where a woman can be empowered and whether it is in relationships, business, finance or emotional intelligence a woman's greatest asset can be a person who supports and allows her to explore herself in a way that promotes personal growth and self-confidence in her abilities.

To all my strong women out there and to those who feel they are victims, let's rise together, united, focused and strong.    We should be empowering each other to always be our best.