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Woman's Day my perspective....

By Eri Anton


I never like to be controversial but I always feel the truth needs to be said.   I am a 100% woman and beleive women have many great qualities that need to be nurtured and developed to allow each woman to be their very best.

With that said I don't believe men and women are equal.   They are different and you can't compare different things and then find some way to make them equal.    I believe in equal opportunity, I believe in treating people fairly and equally, but I do not believe we are all equal or that we will ever achieve equality or equity among everyone.   

As a woman who has many female friends I know women possess many qualities that men will never be able to acquire.   I also have many guy friends who possess qualities I will never want to have as a woman.   I admire how the sexes have been made and how we can be complimentary to each other and not have a need to be equal.    I love the door being opened for me and for a man to protect my interests.    I love being a woman and as a woman I can value and appreciate the gifts of other woman.

As women we need to support each other and I stand strong with women who fight the fight of being held back and not being allowed to pursue their talents and reach their full potential.   I fight strong for women to be independent and to be complimented by a man, not subservient to them.    Women are great partners and even better partners when their voice is heard and they are allowed to be independent and strong.

Today I stand strong with equal opportunity for women and I want to see our gender be strong, independent, educated, confident and successful.    At the same time I appreciate the differences of the genders and of all woman as we are all unique and different.   To those differences that make us unique I am thankful.    Happy Woman's Day to all those strong women who know who they are, the value they possess and who use their strength to lift others up.