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The Fit Life Blog

By Eri Anton


Many people don’t know I have really only been into fitness the last few years. Although I have a great metabolism and been blessed with good genetics I really never took eating and working out as seriously as I do now.

For me eating healthy was eating rice and vegetables and still enjoying pizza, burgers, chips and anything else I desired. Working out when I did go to the gym would be trying various machines and then calling it quits.

It wasn’t until recently that exercise and healthy eating has taken on a new meaning to me. The fit life has become a way of life for me. When I am eating right and exercising I feel better mentally, emotionally and physically. Exercise has been a great way to relieve stress and eating well keeps your body in a better state of balance.

As I worked out more and began to study and learn about exercise and training. Learning not only how to do exercises but how to use them to shape my body. I found myself in the gym more and more and learning so much about food and exercise and changing my body and mind so much. The are so many types of cardiovascular exercisers, plyo-metrics, weight lifting philosophies on resistance training and I could go on and on. Diet is a complex discussion as well looking at the nutrients your body need and your Basal Metabolic Index (BMI). As I got smarter and not only saw, but felt the results and I was hooked on. the fit lifestyle.

If you follow me on social media you will see the shift to a more fitness related message as I want others to experience and know the benefits I have achieved living the fit life. Everyone can have abs and still eat pizza if you do it smart. I have recently joined @BangEnergy as an Elite Athlete and want to continue to help others live a fit and balanced life so they can get the most of what life has to offer.

I just competed in my first NPC bikini contest this last month.

Although competing was not my primary reason for doing it I learned so much. I believe in pushing yourself to new levels and this experience allowed me to grow so much. My coach was Adam Bonilla of Team Elite Fitness in Denver. Adam is one of the best coaches around and I am lucky to be able to work with him. I also had the please to meet Ashley Kaltwasser the 4x Miss Olympia Bikini. She has inspired me to push myself while Adam her coach and mine has taught me how to approach diet, exercise and lifestyle in a new way.

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I will be continuing to share my health and fitness journey with you all on my social media platforms and wish you all the best in your fitness journey wherever it may take you!

The fit life may not be the easy life but it is always worth it!