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The Sweet Life Blog

by Eri Anton


The Sweet Life.......

So many people think my diet consists of lettuce and bird seed lol. I hate to inform you all, but I love sweets! I love them so much and I have to find balance and fit them into my diet as it makes sense. But make no mistake I do eat dessert on a regular basis. And for the record I eat all the desserts not just a few spoonful's!

I think it is important for people to understand that I like to enjoy dessert and all the good stuff like anyone else and I think we all need to enjoy life to the fullest. The most important aspect of allowing yourself the ability to cheat on a regular basis is to plan your meals and make sure when you allow yourself a dessert you make it worth it. Meaning make the most of your dessert, don’t do artificial sugar or desserts that don’t satisfy. Make it count!

So as I travel and dine I don’t always do dessert, but when I do I like to try the desserts that each restaurant is known for. Here is an array of desserts I have enjoyed over the last year and the location I have eaten them.

Mourad, San Francisco, CA

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So Mourad…..what can I say a 5-Star restaurant in downtown San Francisco and one of my favs!!! Couldn’t make up my mind between the Chocolate Expresso Torte and the Pavlova. Pavlova is a meringue based fruit dessert named after the Russian Ballerina Anna Pavlova. Both were so good! Have you ever seen anyone do the double dessert?

Mario Pagan, San Juan Puerto Rico

My first time dining in a 5 star restaurant in Puerto Rico and Mario Pagan did not disappoint me with dessert. I tried the chocolate soufflé' and it was amazing!! So light and chocolatey, mmmm.....and it was even better with a warm chocolate sauce drizzled in the middle. Can't get enough chocolate.

Eddie V's, Newport Beach, CA

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Ocean Prime, Denver, CO

It was so hard to decide between the warm butter cake and peanut butter pie so........I had them both! Both were so good, if you find yourself in Denver make sure to stop by and have dessert!

The Loft at Montage, Laguna Beach, CA

The chocolate molten lava cake is one of my favs! The Loft's version of this classic dessert is on point!  

Angel Oak, Ritz Carlton, Santa Barbara, CA

I had the baked Alaska also known as omelette norvegienne......a version of coconut ice cream covered in meringue! And then set on fire! What a beautiful presentation and it taste even better! The best desserts not only taste great but are presented in a way that makes you want to take a picture it is so amazing!

Frisco's Double Eagle, San Diego, CA

So you can find a few versions of butter cake in the Newport Beach area, but you wont find one more moist and delicious as the one served by Frisco's in San Diego.Eddie V's. One of my favorite desserts and Frisco's does it just right!

Houston's, Irvine, CA

Houston's is not a super fancy restaurant, but they sure know how to do desserts! The brownie ala mode with nuts and caramel sauce, sprinkled with chocolate will leave you wanting more. It is the dessert you just can't stop eating. If you order this dessert while I'm with can be sure I'll take a bite, or two or three!

Butter and Bacon, Sacramento, CA

So for those who want to know what was my first cheat meal after my NPC contest? Well here it is the strawberry pistachio pancakes! Although many may not consider this a dessert it does make it in my list of sweets! Pancakes are one of my favorites and you can see my special Oatmeal Protein pancakes in Eri's Kitchen!

The Studio, Montage, Laguna Beach, CA

If there is chocolate you can be sure im going to try it. This classic chocolate molten lava cake is moist on the outside and warm soft and gooey on the inside! Nothing compliments chocolate better than vanilla ice cream and some raspberry sauce drizzled all over. I don't know how much work goes into making this dessert, but eating it was easy!

Bazaar by Jose Andres, SLS Beverly Hills, CA

I had my birthday celebration at the SLS this year and what a dessert this was! Can anyone say masterpiece? The dessert is called "Graffiti". This dessert took time to prepare and was made in front of my eyes. The best presentation ever and left you wanting to take a picture and not eat.....but I did eat it! Every last bite!

Mystery Location

Every now and then you go to a place to eat and guess what? They have such exciting things to eat you want to try them all. A little secret of mine sometimes I do order them all so I can try them. In this particular place I wanted to try these peaches and cream French toast! Doesn't it sound yummy! Well it was although it ended up being more than I could eat, the dish was done very well. Compliments of Butter and Bacon in Sacramento!

I hope you enjoyed this fun sweet blog as much as I enjoyed writing it and even more eating all these amazing creations! Stay tuned for the sweet blog 2, because I have way more dessert pictures and stories to share.