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A Life of Significance......

By Eri Anton


I have always thought and aspired to be successful. However over time I have further defined what success means as it is different for everyone. For some success means having money and enjoying the nicer things in life and i couldn't argue with financial success. For others having and raising a family that can make it in this world is their model of success and yet I would find it hard to argue that raising and having a good family is not a great success story.

Although there are many noble accomplishments that could be the prime definition of success in the area we choose to evaluate such & health, family and relationships, business and finances....but the more I think about it the more I wonder if that is what really matters most in life?

Success and being successful is what we all aspire to do and when we accomplish things we share them as we are so porud of what we have done. As great as personal success is, there is a problem I see with it. The problem is that it is always self serving. It is something personal to each of us and the recipient of the success is ourselves. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with success, but maybe we should broaden our perspective.

A person of significance is a person who not only has personal successes, but they are a force in the lives of others. They are the difference makers who not only seek to make themselves better in all areas, but also makes others better. They share with others what they need to be better. They takes chances on themselves, but they also take chances on others.

There is nothing better than to be a person who makes a difference. A person who makes a difference in their own life and has personal success but who makes those around them better. I would say that the personal gratification you get from your own personal success is far less fulfilling than making the difference for someone who could not have had their success without you. Be the difference and make a difference not only in your life but the life of another. Be a person of significance!