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"Achieving Excellence...."

By Eri Anton


Never lose the desire to fight for what you want more than anything..........excellence of anything has a price.

I think one of the biggest issues facing people today is the inability or lack of desire to fight for what they want.   Any fitness superstar, sports icon or successful business person realizes how hard the fight is and how many obstacles get in the way.    Actually if the truth be told sometimes it seems like you are fighting an uphill battle and not making any progress.

So how do you stay motivated and have the ability to continue to sacrifice when it gets hard?

So here are some of the roadblocks I have experienced and how I got past them.

1.   The goal is too hard and I rethink if i really want it anyway.   I try to not let how i feel influnce me and the moment and let my logic over ride my intellect and i keep the path.   I then look back when my emotion is gone and ask my self if i really want it bad enough to continue making the sacrifice?    Usually when i get past my emotion and how i feel and think about it I usually realize it is just a matter of keeping myself grounded and not letting how i feel get in the way of good solid deciisons.

2.  I am overwhelmed and see how many obstacles are in the way and think i can't do it.    When i get overwhelmed I try not to look at all the things i need to overcome and just focus on the next obstacle.    We can all get overwhelmed and trying to do too much too fast is a recipe for disaster.   Take your time and enjoy the journey. 

3.  Balancing sacrifices.    Many people don't believe this, but I am a foodie and i love to eat.    I dont want to eat lettuce to have abs.    I still want to enjoy life and be healthy and had to find a way to still enjoy life without making too harsh of a sacrifice.  When you spend the time balancing the things you enjoy achieivng your goals doesn't seem like too much of a sacrifice.

4.  Stay in the positive.  When I find myself in a negative mindset caused by my emotions i try to focus on things I am grateful for.  How much progress I have made, how life has ups and downs and thingds will get better or I find people in mylife who are positive and can help me keep a better perspective,    It is amazing how much having a quick conversation with a positive successful person can give you a different persective on life or your current situation.

Life is definitely not easy but it doesnt have to be defeating and impossible.   You get out of life exactly what you are prepoared to fight for a sacrifice.   It is just a matter of time.  If you want a fit body, a great business or the best relationship it will take lots of work and sacrifice but you will get everythingout of it you are preopared to put in and sacrifice for.       No one every regretted making too much effort it is always not m aking enough effort or quitting than end the ability to create something og great value.