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What is Success?

By Eri Anton


I know so many people and when we talk about being successful it is amazing to hear what people say and feel success is.

Some people are very happy with a normal job, a family and living in the moment with no big dreams and desires other than to be satisfied and happy with a normal life.    Others are never satisfied and are happy to chase after bigger dreams and desires and do not want to settle for the ordinary.     This made me think to myself what is success to me?     

To me I feel my best when I am making progress and growing in areas of my life.   I feel successful when I am advancing myself towards bigger and better things and am growing as a person.     So learning and applying what i have learned and seeing the progress brings me great joy and the feeling of success.

I have a few areas in my life that I focus on my personal development.   They are the areas of:

- Finance: this includes everything from my investments, financial security, earning power, and buidling long term financial success to have the time and freedom to do the things I want in life.

- Health: this includes all aspects of health and fitness so I am physically and mentally sound and at my best.    What I eat, how I balance life and staying in my best physical and mental state always.

- Relationships: this to me means creating meaningful value in people I have relationships with.    I don't have the time to create meaningful value with lots of people so i need to be aware of where each relationship I have creates personal value, growth and spend my time accordingly.    It doesnt mean I don't have friends who I just have fun with but I limit my time to where I get the greatest return.

- Emotional: being emotionally stable and growing in a way that allows me to deal with life challenges and situations the most effectively was something I was not aware of until the last few years.   Being emotionally stable and understanding my emotions and acting logically based on how I feel was driven by my research into emotional intelligence.   This area of grow has had impact in all areas of my life.

 - Contribution:  I have realized that although I can do so much to make myself better it is when I invest my time and money into others I receive the most joy.   When life becomes all about you, you miss out on the greatest joy of all which is giving to others.

Success means many things to many people but to me when I have found balance and personal growth and provide myself the opportunity to give to others I feel successful.    So what does success mean to you?