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Why I became a Fitness Model?

by Eri Anton


​Instagram for me was a way to share my life with friends and family while meeting new people. I enjoy meeting new people and I am energized through meeting new people and through my multiple friendships. What I didn't realize was Instagram is a profoundly visual tool and my photos and stories could be shared with a much bigger audience than I ever expected. As I shared my stories and posts my followers grew and comments came in and I started meeting and engaging with more people. So not surprising after a few years I had hundreds of thousands of followers and was being consumed by the amount of interaction that was required to manage my account.

I began to be aware that certain posts generated a lot of feedback. Many of the comments were nice, but some were very mean. I then decided to add more meaningful captions and started sharing more about my heart in the captions and it actually helped me connect more with my followers. I never intended to be an IG model it just kinda happened.

Why I became a Fitness Model

Yeah it just kinda happened and once people began to see me as a model I decided to embrace it and use it as a platform to grow and share. I now have used my Instagram to share very heartfelt messages including business posts to endorse products I believe in. It has led me to pursue my health and fitness goals in a much more aggressive manner and share my challenges and struggles with all of you. It has been the catalyst to open my Amazon Storefront ( and has been the reason for the development of my YouTube channel, Facebook and Website (

I am now pushing myself to new plateaus with my pictures and messages and hope to inspire and motivate others to do the same. My message is health and fitness but even more one of personal growth and self acceptance for women. This has become my passion and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share it all with you.

With the instagram model changing the way modeling could be done, modeling has changed and people care more for who has a following on social media platforms instead of the normal auditions. How good you are with your work visually on Instagram now defines if a brand is interested in you or not and even defines you as a brand. I want to create a following where the biggest benefits are for my fans. I do fitness and modeling with one main reason to help my followers achieve more in their life and be their best. I genuinely care for people and take my ability to influence people on social media seriously. I want to be real and never take advantage of people.

It's not all about Modeling...

To all my followers who think my instagram feed is all about modeling, it could be, but not for me. For me it is much more than that and it is me and my story. I want to share life tips, talk about fitness, share my diet and recipes and be as real as I can be with all of you. I don't think a lot of instagram models share what they really eat and the true struggles we all face. It is my heart and passion to be real and use this platform to share with all of you. I have lots of new things planned for the future and hope to be able to share them all. So if you follow me, you will get the truth, thew whole truth and nothing but the truth as I see it. Come follow me.......@erianton_.