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The Law of Attraction ....

By Eri Anton


So many people ask me what kind of guy do I like.    Not an easy question to answer as they will ask me what is more important to you looks, body, money or maybe all of it.    The truth is it isn't one thing or a combination of things.   It is everything.   If the combination of everything a guy is attracts me to him, then he has a chance.      

Let me be clear that I can't make some magical list of qualities and expect someone to meet them.    If you did make a list you would always find the exception to the rule.   Meaning I don't like this trait in men and then a guy comes along with that trait and it works for you.

Funny how things work.    I also believe as we grow up and mature what we want changes.   At an early age good looks and body matter the most.    Then we move on and need someone who is established with a good job, then we want more stability and value intelligence and someone who can handle lifes issues and help us to grow and be better.  And it keeps changing as we experience more in ife and learn that realize that there are a number of qualities in the other person we can find admirable and desire.

I have met guys who have so many great qualities yet I am not attracted to them.  When they ask why I can't point to any one thing i am just not attracted.  I have also found myself around guys I am not attracted to and in a public setting would never give a second look and once meeting them and spending time find that i am very attracted to them.    That is how it begins, you meet someone who has the ability to draw you in and you want more of them.    The qualities they have are mesmerizing and they keep you wanting to come back for more.   Over time the relationship grows effortlessly and you enjoy everythiung with them.   It is a great feeling, but as the attraction grows make sure it is based in your compatability with them.

When you find attraction and compatability you begin to find your life partner, your best friend and your soul mate.   We must be willing to take our time when it comes to relationships and not be drawn to people by outward attraction only but get to meet and know lots of people.   You will find that many of the best traits in other people are not on the outside, but on the inside.   When you do you will recognize the guy with a good body and looks is shallow and empty inside or the man who looks average on the outside has way above intellect and emotional intelligence and is very attractive.    

Make sure to check out my blog "Chemistry or Compatability".     Attraction is diferrent than chemistry.    Attraction refers to their ability to draw you in.    You find yourself wanting more time with this person while Chemistry refers more to your sexual connection.