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The Nature of Change...

By Eri Anton

The nature of change 

I have had people tell me and even myself experience the difficulty of change.   We all want to see change in the world, in our lives, in others yet for some reason making change or being change is easier said than done.    I have found change comes at a time when you realize something in your life......

The different ways change can come. 

  • You’re simply not OK with status quo and you want out. 
  • You’ve redefined what success means to you.
  • Your sense of personal fulfillment has changed.
  • Your ideas of making an impact have evolved. 
  • The reality of your circumstances have changed. Ex: You became a father.
  • Your priorities have changed. 
  • Your short term goals and your long term aspirations have changed. 
  • New opportunities have opened up that give you a chance for larger impact.
  • You’ve new insights as you grow yourself each day and want to put them into use.
  • You’ve acquired new skills that want to be put into use.
  • Your current job feels irrelevant to your new personal ambitions. 

Personal growth factor 

Irrespective of what the reason for change, one thing is certain. We seek change when we’re no longer fulfilled with status quo. We seek change when we feel irrelevant to our  desires. We seek change when we ask ourselves a very important question. “Is my personal growth factor on an upward incline? Or has it plateaued, or is it declining?” 

Change defines our adaptability  

When we change we grow and we find ourselves better at adapting and surviving in the world around us.    The thing about change is you can be the change you desirte or change by the forces outside you.    One you have the ability to impact the way you change the other you don't.    Change is inevitable so seek to be the change you want to be.