I have been asked many times about my diet and workout routine. I wanted to tell everyone in spite of what everyone says about being strict and never eating junk food, I find myself seeking a place of balance between a healthy lifestyle and allowing myself to indulge in a few areas that I need to satisfy my cravings.


    For all of you who know me, you know dessert is my weakness.....especially chocolate (lol). I also enjoy going out to drink and dance and will not skip alcohol, but do find better ways to enjoy it. So first a couple secrets to how I balance.


    Alcohol....I will limit myself to one drink with sugar or I usually will skip the sweet drinks with lots of sugar and drink tequila and soda with a lime or just go straight to a shot of tequila (lol). I find one or two drinks a night is good for me and rarely do I find the need to always have a drink in my hand to socialize. Also a little secret.....alcohol will dehydrate you so I will usually find myself looking good the morning after a few drinks.


    Chocolate.......I like to go big with chocolate and will usually take pieces towards the end of the day, especially after a meal. I will have a square (or two or three...lol) but prefer chocolate high in Cacao (92%). It has less sugar and will satisfy my cravings.


    Dessert......So the big one for last......how do I deal with dessert you ask? When out at a restaurant I won't skip dessert and I have been known to have more than one. While I was in NeW York I met the owner of the restaurant One if by Land....Two if by Sea. A Pastry Chef by training she brought me 7 desserts to try!! I tried them all!! I always try to eat to fully satisfy myself and try not to stuff myself. My secret is an extra hour of cardio the next day to make up for it!


    Dining Out....I like to go out on weekends and like to find the very best places to eat with the most flavorful food. I usually post pics of my food choices (lol,) but will make an effort to eat fish and other lean meats and have them baked or grilled with olive oil. You can actually eat a lot better by asking for options on the preparation of your food at most restaurants. I do try to eat good all week so I can be more free on the weekend to eat what I want. It is all about balance for me.


    So let me talk about my average daily meal routine. I have a good appetite and will consume 2,000 calories a day on average. I do reduce my calorie intake as well as my carbs when trying to lean out. I like to eat every few hours and keep my portions smaller, I also like to try to eat as clean as I can. When I say clean I am not super strict but if I can stay away from processed foods I will.



    4 egg whites and 1 yolk (prefer to take from eggs verse the egg white you can buy in store)

    Small amount of veggies and avocado

    Spoonful of natural peanut butter or small amount of oatmeal

    2 - 4 oz of chicken sausage or turkey bacon


    Lunch and Dinner

    6 oz of protein (Chicken breast, Lean Ground Turkey, Salmon, Shrimp, Tofu and lean beef once a week)

    6 oz of veggies: Broccoli, asparagus, kale, spinach, cucumber, tomato and avocado - I will also eat veggies fresh in a salad with dressing on side.

    4 oz of carbs: brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato



    Grilled sweet potato with peanut butter (grilled on foreman grill)

    Almonds (raw)

    Greek yogurt

    Cottage cheese

    Cheese and nuts




    I have to let everyone know that at least once a week I will cheat and most times it is pizza! I also like to eat chocolate and will have a little bit each day or sometimes eat the whole bar all at once. I think when we deprive ourselves of the things we like to eat it causes us to binge eat. So I find eating the things I like in moderation works for me. Of course I do feel guilty if I eat a little too much and will find myself back in the gym the next day and usually will do an extra session of cardio to help burn the extra calories.


    My body seems to react better to higher fat diets and fewer carbs. Many people avoid fats, however I actually am comfortable eating higher amounts of fat as my body uses it more effectively for energy and I don't see any weight gain because of it.


    Please keep an open eye for my new videos coming to YouTube....Eri's Fit Kitchen! I will be sharing a number of recipes and meal prep ideas I do to simplify my eating and not waste all day in the kitchen.


    To me fitness is a lifestyle. I enjoy working out and how it makes me feel and how it drives my mind. It makes me physically and mentally stronger . Exercise is my mental therapy and it has helped me find discipline in many areas of my life. In the end it makes my heart happy!


    So my workouts consist of my cardio exercises and my strength training. I normally train 6 days a week and will spend on average 2.5 hours in the gym each day.....not counting social time (lol). The gym is like a drug to me and if I don't work out I don't feel good so skipping the gym is almost never an option for me.


    My day starts off with fasted cardio. Not soon after waking up and before eating anything I am on the treadmill for a 45 minute cardio session. This can be a number of different cardio machine options but it is important to push myself hard enough to break a sweat.


    My workout sessions are broken into the following per week:

    Legs / Glutes - train twice per week

    Back, Biceps - train twice per week

    Chest, shoulders - train once per week

    Triceps - train twice per week

    Abs - train 3x per week (sometimes daily lol)


    You can see some of the different exercises I do that I have posted on my YouTube Channel. There will be more to come. I prefer to stay with exercises that are for females and I workout as a female not a guy. So I focus on exercises that target a group of muscles and then perform with very strict movement with the intent to do 10-12 repetitions. I don't like to lift heavy and discourage anyone from getting caught up in how much you lift. Correct form and repetitions have worked well for me and I encourage that for all women.


    So I will update and post more to this site and to my eFit section. I have a new BLOG I will be adding soon with lots of tips n healthy lifestyles including weight loss, diet and exercise tips.