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    Women empowering Women

    501(C)3 STATUS COMPLETED.........Its now official!

    Federal Non-Profit Tax ID 88-4170830

    My Journey........

    My life was not easy and growing up I had to go through many trials as a young hispanic child coming into the US. When you give up everything to follow your dreams there is usually a heavy price to pay. Finding a place to live, eating healthy food or even having food, having clothes to wear and not finding your self ostracized because you don't fit in is hard for a child. Growing up people try to influence you to for my life and having to follow norms in society. Thank God my values were strong enough to not go down bad paths, but life was still a struggle until losing a very important relationship made me focus on my personal development. It was a life changing journey focusing on personal growth emotionally, physically, financially and intellectually. Now after growing so much I want to help and give back to others.


    My Desire.......

    Therefore my desire is now to create The Eri Anton Foundation to help those women who need help.

    Women in my perspective face a unique and different challenge growing up and finding value in a every changing society. We seek to find our personal value proposition in a different way than men and are forever judged on superficial qualities to where it impacts how many woman think and how they value themselves. It is my desire to be a lighthouse of hope, encouragement and motivation to all women and unite us around our common struggles and challenges while building each other up. Women can be very harsh and judgmental of other women and we must unite together as a powerful force of female warriors who can accomplish and support each other in our endeavors not divide and be hateful which hurts us all.


    My Purpose.......

    Is to make a difference through events focused on educating and uniting women together around a common themes of value.
    - Adding value in relationships
    - Self improvement and education
    - Self acceptance and continuous improvement
    - Honesty and gaining emotional intelligence
    - Enhancing and improving our feminine qualities
    - Conflict management and dealing with the opposite sex more effectively.
    It is my belief that investing into females and optimizing their God given value to men and society we will create a better life for each and every one of us.

    Events coming soon!